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Cousteau Programs
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A Cousteau Label for the Protection of Ocean and Lake Shores

Who can apply for a Cousteau label?
Any area situated along the coast of lakes or rivers that is dedicated to preserving its environment may apply. The program is geared to reaching all communities that want to help preserve our fragile Water Planet.

What conditions must be met to obtain this label?
Communities must strive for long-term goals. Environmental protection is not a day-to-day task, but a well defined methodology carried out all year long. The state of the planet is deteriorating more and more. Devastating pollution can be found on beaches and shorelines: toxic leaks, poisonous wastes, etc. To help change this situation, we invite communities to become candidates for the Cousteau Label. They must fulfill certain requirements, specifically those outlined in the Cousteau Charter (below). The Charter provides for the protection of aquatic flora and fauna as well as the aesthetics of sites and health services for summer visitors. By respecting the Charter for a given number of years, communities will achieve the Cousteau Label. Then they must keep continue their efforts to protect their environment .

What help will the communities receive?
In partnership with Bureau Veritas, Cousteau scientists will help community leaders draw up an assessment of their shores and establish solutions for problem areas, taking into account initiatives already underway.
They will exercise a true partnership role in the protection of coasts and banks.

What benefits will the communities gain?

The natural, living character of the marine environment is a major element in the development of tourism. With the Cousteau Label, communities will become part of an international club of “Cousteau Places,” clearly expressing their wish to offer tourists high-quality sites. There is also a social aspect. To this end, we will propose that communities create positions for coastal workers, people who are trained in environmental protection and who will take care of the coast year round.

What is the Cousteau Charter?
The Cousteau Charter sets three standards for excellence in environmental protection of coastal areas.
Article I. To promote the relationship between how authorities take coastal environments into account and the needs of vibrant natural ecosystems.
Article II. To maintain and improve the criteria used to classify and promote an area as a "living space."
   Global and sustainable development that values and appreciates the uniqueness of the country's     environment.
   Protection of aquatic flora and fauna.
   Health and safety measures for residents and seasonal visitors.
   Preservation of ecosystems, human heritage and accessibility.
Article III.  To carry out a progressive program adapted to local needs, that will make an area eligible for an environmental label by committing to the improvement of the quality of living waters.  A social element would be added by developing activities based on environmental management by Coastal Workers.

For more information about the Cousteau Label, please contact Equipe Cousteau, 92 avenue Kleber, 75116 Paris.