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Cousteau Programs
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Dolphin Log in the Classroom

Since The Cousteau Society first introduced Dolphin Log in the Classroom two years ago, it has helped over 2,200 classrooms and more than 80,000 elementary school students discover the delights of the Water Planet through its award-winning children's magazine.  For barely more than the cost of shipping, sponsors can provide six issues of the educational, colorful and fun publication each school year.  Every child has his or her own copy to study and treasure. 

Dolphin Log is The Cousteau Society's educational publication for children ages eight to twelve.  Each 20-page, full-color, bimonthly issue introduces the excitement and accessibility of the sea with stories, facts and activities.  The philosophy of the magazine is to delight, instruct and instill in children an environmental awareness of the interconnectedness of all life on the Water Planet.  Click here to check out the exciting contents of the 2000 Dolphin Log and see the variety of fascinating topics for young readers.

For a gift of $120, the Society delivers enough copies of each issue of Dolphin Log for two classrooms of approximately 30 students. The donor can pick the school and classrooms to receive the  gift, or the Society will choose them, responding to requests from teachers eager for these outstanding publications.  Children receiving Dolphin Log in this program study articles, play educational games, develop reading skills and gradually discover that the ocean affects their life no matter where they live, even if many miles from the nearest seashore. Six times throughout the school year, the gift will enrich and delight young minds.

Or, for a gift of just $50, the Society will provide one classroom of students with copies of the special issue Activity Book, crammed with educational puzzles, games, experiments and crafts.  For teachers, this is a terrific way to introduce environmental facts and concepts with minimal preparation and maximum fun.  For the children, Dolphin Log is their personal treasure chest of ocean wonders, opening their mind and soul to the complex and fragile Water Planet on which they live.

With great pride in the progress that Dolphin Log in the Classroom has made since its beginning, The Cousteau Society hopes to expand the program to thousands more students.  Anyone is welcome to sponsor classrooms, and subscriptions can begin at any point in the year.  To contribute to Dolphin Log in the Classroom or for more information, please call 1-800-441-4395 or e-mail