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Cousteau Activity News
Salon d'Environnement

Alcyone and Calypso sail a smooth sea at Equipe Cousteau's display at the Paris Salon d'Environnement, an annual environmental fair that receives more than 35,000 visitors. The remote-controlled models, created by Jean-Marc Bisoffi and Roger Matigot (right) of the Equipe's "Section Modelisme," maneuvered around a 100 square meter water tank to the delight of children of all ages.   Lucky visitors even had a chance to try operating the models themselves!   President Francine Cousteau addressed the crowds and answered questions about the ships, marine life and ways that they could make a difference in protecting their Water Planet. JMB, Calypso.jpg (30028 bytes)
JMB, RLS.jpg (31299 bytes) Classrooms of schoolchildren gathered around the adjacent "bridge" where they found Calypso's actual wheel and pilot controls, brought from La Rochelle where the ship is a centerpiece of the National Maritime Museum. Claude Wesly, one of the original veterans of the Cousteau team, recalled the early days of ocean exploration aboard Calypso and Pierre Chastan, longtime volunteer and advocate for the Bill of Rights for Future Generations, shared literature and the Cousteau message of the need to protect the Water Planet. This is the third year that Equipe Cousteau has participated in one of the largest environmental education events in Europe.

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