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Cousteau Activity News
David McTaggart

2whales.jpg (10057 bytes) David McTaggart, one of the original activist protesters against whaling, died March 23. The Cousteau Society joins environmentalists worldwide in mourning the loss of a strong, passionate warrior for the Water Planet.
McTaggart's causes included three in which Society founder Jacques Cousteau was a leader: the cessation of commercial whaling, opposition to nuclear testing and the protection of Antarctica from mineral exploitation.  His controversial but effective confrontational tactics helped bring about the moratorium on commercial whaling, the cessation of French atmospheric tests on Mururoa and the declaration of Antarctica as a reserve dedicated to peace and science.
A founder of Greenpeace International, McTaggart retired from the organization a decade ago but continued the battle against the abuses of Nature to which he had devoted more than a quarter-century of his life.  He was regularly an observer at meetings of the International Whaling Commission, pressing both NGOs and government representatives for stronger protection.  His presence will be sorely missed.

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