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Cousteau Activity News
Jacques Cousteau Reserve Opens Education Center

Francine Cousteau visited the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve to celebrate the opening of the Cousteau Coastal Learning Center. The million-dollar facility will be the heart of Project Tomorrow, which provides opportunities for K-12 educators to receive training and field experience on current research. Mrs. Cousteau praised the Reserve's research and education opportunities to improve management of natural resources, and outlined Cousteau programs that share these same goals. JYCReserveFC.jpg (11334 bytes) The new Center has a 16-bed dorm, a distance learning facility and coastal learning library. It offers teachers hands-on instruction through workshops, seminars, and resource support, focusing on estuarine and marine ecosystems. The activities are designed to let them take experiences back into the classroom, spreading the knowledge to many students and, equally important, to other teachers and educators.
.JYCReservesch.jpg (18931 bytes) Following the dedication, Reserve director Mike De Luca escorted Mrs. Cousteau to nearby Lanoka Harbor Elementary School to see the results of a year's study of Captain Cousteau, as part of the Reserve's programs for classroom education. JYCReserveShark.jpg (14746 bytes)
The Jacques Cousteau Reserve encompasses just over 156,070 acres of terrestrial, wetland and aquatic habitats. The relatively pristine ecosystems in the Reserve provide an excellent site for a long-term database of coastal resources. Rutgers University's Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences develops and coordinates programs of education and research in marine and coastal sciences in the Reserve, and supports the work at the new Center

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