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Cousteau Activity News
Alcyone: Society members to the rescue
(Alcyone's history)

After months in a shipyard in Norfolk, Virginia, undergoing her first-ever major overhaul, The Cousteau Society's 15 year-old flagship Alcyone sailed smoothly across the Chesapeake Bay to a new, more comfortable berth in Hampton.  Here her crew will be finishing up the extensive repairs and refitting made possible by contributions from the Society's loyal members.
alcyonefwdsail.jpg (6253 bytes) Images on the left show some of the damage Alcyone had sustained in her decade-and-a-half of expeditions.  The work ranged from refitting her Turbosails™ and repairing structural damage to replacing outmoded electronic equipment.  To date, the overhaul has cost more than $500,000, and there are still expenses coming in. smallalcyonebridge.jpg (10536 bytes)
alcyonestanchion.jpg (5030 bytes) Not only are there costs for further necessary maintenance and renovation, but also ongoing expenses for logistics, crew, fuel, docking, medical and food supplies-- at least $1 million to resume the expedition schedule.  Alcyone, like her crew, is champing at the bit to be off again on the Cousteau missions to document the Water Planet. smallalcyonepipe.jpg (6446 bytes)
alcyoneinsideturbosail.jpg (5975 bytes) The Cousteau Society is carrying out a special emergency exploration appeal for $1.5 million. About a third has already gone to repair Alcyone, and the rest will help finish the work and keep her sailing. This will finally put the Cousteau team back on the exploration schedule it is anxious to resume with a strong Alcyone ready to face any challenge. smallalcyonetsail.jpg (5562 bytes)

For information about special thank-you awards or to contribute to rescuing Alcyone,
please contact The Cousteau Society at:

870 Greenbrier Circle, Suite 402 • Chesapeake, VA 23320 • Phone: 800-441-4395 · Fax: 757- 523-2747 • Email:

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