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Cousteau Activity News

Calypso Log goes quarterly! The new millennium will see a bigger, more informative Log beginning in March 2001.
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President Francine Cousteau
dedicates the new  Coastal Learning Center at the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve in Tuckerton, New Jersey. (more)

Farewell, Friend.
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Whales lose a fierce defender with the death of  lifetime environmentalist David McTaggart.  (more)

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Alcyone performs smoothly for Captain Patrice Quesnel and his harbor pilot, crossing the Chesapeake Bay to her new   berth for the finishing touches on her overhaul. (more)

Equipe Cousteau's display highlights the ninth Salon d'Environnement in Paris.  President Francine Cousteau, VP Robert Steele, volunteer Pierre Chastan and veteran aquanaut Claude Wesly attended. (more)
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Fragments of Alcyone and Calypso grace Dreamkeeper with hope for Rett Syndrome. (more)

Also: News about Pierre Chastan: One Man's Mission
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