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Here are a few of the other sites available on the Web that you might enjoy or find useful...try them.

Cousteau Connections

  • http// International Year of the Ocean, sponsor of The Cousteau Society's Caspian Sea expedition.
  • http// The Windstar Foundation, established by John Denver, composer of "Aye, Calypso" and Cousteau Advisor, to protect the natural world he loved.
  •   Dive right into The Cousteau Society's Dolphin Log Online
  •   Dr. Harold Edgerton, long-time friend and collaborator of Captain Cousteau, shared with people of all ages his joy in discovering the world around him.
  • The home page of Cousteau Science Advisor Dr.Phil Dustan introduces his coral-monitoring work.
  • http//   Cousteau vessel Alcyone spent summer 1999 with the Biosphere network on the St. Lawrence River.
  • http// Francine Cousteau is ambassador for this initiative to support agricultural advances to feed people while protecting the environment.
  • http// The Jacques-Yves Cousteau Estuarine Reserve protects and studies wetlands and related ecosystems.
  •   Painter of whaling walls, sculptor and environmentalist, Wyland inspires people to care about the oceans.

Ocean and Water


Marine Mammals

Other marine creatures

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